Watching tv the other day I came upon a “worship artist” known as Mary-Kathryn, and found her music quite different. Her new album “dreams and visions” has reached to the tops of the New Age charts and it has been nominated for an award in the category of New Age. Her website describes her music like this “Dreams & Visions succeeds in invoking feelings of weightlessness, causing you to feel like you are floating from note to note. The looping sensation of Mary-Kathryn’s voice strings every word together, making it seem as if spaces or punctuation do not exist in music.” Mary-Kathryn claims that God told her to be a light in the New Age, but watching one of her performances, it looked much like the actual thing with a hint of “supernatural” and scriptures. Now, I am not against being a light in the darkness, but the light must in fact be a LIGHT. What I saw on tv was a burnt out candle and a deep blending of the smoke. Is she showing them Christ, or just confusing them more?
We must do things Gods way. Not our own.