Thursday night service in Jacksonville, Florida begins with worship, followed by the sermon. Once the sermon is finished, the anointing is called and the pastor begins praying for people. If you need prayer for yourself, loved ones, or anyone else you may know, you are invited and encouraged to join us on a Thursday night. It is a powerful service where several people have been healed, delivered, and set free.


Sunday morning services begin at 10 am in Jacksonville, Florida. The service begins with worship and ends with the sermon. Prayer intercessors will stay after the sermon to pray for anyone who may need prayer.


Sunday night services are held in Douglas, Georgia. This service is very similar to the Thursday night service in Jacksonville, where prayer is the emphasis. For those closer to the Douglas, Georgia area, we invite you to join us during this time!



Some churches make you feel good. Some churches put you to sleep. Some have great worship. Some teach the basics, and some tell you you’re going to burn. At True Light Ministries (TLM), we are simply training Christians to be EFCs – Effective, Forceful Christians.

Ask yourself this question: why was the Bible written? A common knowledge answer might be that the Bible was written as a guide to how we should live and it teaches us how to have a relationship with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. This is a good answer, but we all notice how the Bible has a lot of information that many people have interpreted in several different ways.

The bottom line is, what is your church teaching you that’s equipping you to handle the struggles of life, defend yourself against the attacks of the enemy, and preparing your soul for the coming Day of Judgment and eternity?

Now, ask yourself this question: What do I believe about the spiritual realm? Many people selectively believe in the spiritual realm, while even more people just plain don’t want to know or talk about it. Most churches don’t spend a lot of time teaching about this dimension of existence and they often spend even less time training Christians for spiritual warfare. And yet, spiritual warfare is a very real part of the Christian’s daily walk.

At TLM a balance is taught between handling our daily lives on the spiritual level and knowing how to respond to daily circumstances from an intellectual, Word-based understanding of God’s expectations of us. Many people also tend to be selective with what truths they believe and accept from the Bible.

Every person must decide whether or not they believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God. If you believe this book is the Word of God, then every part of the Bible is as real and relevant as any other part. We cannot pick and choose to follow only the parts of God’s Word that match our personal tastes and beliefs about life. Yet, by His grace, God gave us the ability to choose our own ways in life because He wants to see what we will do. You can choose to get in the game and fight the enemy, you can sit in the stadium, or you can stay at home and do nothing. As with everything, there are three ways to look at the situation. One is to say no, another is to say yes, and last is to do nothing at all.

At TLM in both Jacksonville, Florida and Douglas, Georgia, Pastor Ricky Roberts addresses the whole Bible and how the books were relevant with the times in which they occurred. He also teaches how to apply these concepts and principles to present-time situations. What you learn from these teachings gives you a fighting chance to receive the victory God wants you to have in your life. We have so much evil coming against us, and none of it is from God. He only wants what is best for us!

God wants to bless us, and Pastor Roberts teaches us how to align our lives with the Word of God so we can receive the blessings of God. Every day there are forces at work trying to do whatever possible to keep us from this goal.

Pastor Roberts’ teachings can help you learn how to fight back and win against any attack. But be advised…this path may not be an easy one. You will encounter tests that will try even the strongest people of faith. The good news is you will learn there is hope and victory over the forces of darkness through the power and blood of Jesus Christ. And as you come through each victory you will have more of the tools and understanding necessary to combat the next power of darkness that may come against you. And you will not be alone. The cost of this education and understanding is dedication, obedience to God’s will, and time. It takes time to learn and master these teachings, and anything worth having comes with a price.

Whether people like it or not we are involved in a battle of good and evil that has existed even before we were created. The tests will come no matter what. The question is, are you ready? You have to make a choice; one is to fight for and with God to do what is right according to the Bible, another is turn from God to a life of sin, and the last is to do nothing or as little as possible. Which will you choose?

Come to TLM, located in Jacksonville, Florida and Douglas, Georgia and learn how to be an Effective Forceful Christian. You cannot stop the war, but learning how to not only defend yourself and your family but actually fight back and be victorious can bring you real peace. Remember, it is all according to God’s will, but you can’t win if you don’t know how to fight.