From the collapse of the Lakeland Revival–Part 1 as it is now being called, I have read and seen where leaders and many intercessors have now made it quite clear that they were cautious and concerned from the very beginning about Todd Bentley and the revival on going.  The problem is that just a few weeks ago they promoted both and thought that this was the third wave revival. I have many emails from these same people. I have read articles in books and magazines from these people where they were promoting both Todd Bentley and the Revival.  All these things indicate that there is no or very little discernment within the church.  We all, particularly the Pentecostals and Charismatics, need to repent of this offence to God!   
From the beginning of the Revival my concerns were fivefold at least:

  • Doctrinally—the hidden New Age undercurrent of teachings, the Latter Rain teachings, the focus on angels rather than on Jesus, and the placing of experience over the Word of God. 
  • The presence of counterfeit gifts, a counterfeit presence, and a counterfeit anointing.
  • A lack of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, in particular the lack of Holiness and the presence of heavy sin.  Personally, I was warned from the Lord what sins were present at the very beginning of the revival.
  • People were coming back from the Revival demonized–either demon oppressed or possessed.  I have personally witnessed at least forty exorcisms done to deliver people from demon possession.  There is much more deliverance that was done against demon oppression. 
  • A degrading of the Holy Spirit through bizarre manifestations that cannot be defended by the Word of God.

When my concerns were known, an exodus of some of my congregation was on its way. Truly, a fire came into my church, but a fire not of God. I was told to accept this new movement, unless judgments fall upon me. I was threatened with curses and demands of repentance. If repentance was not forth coming, then these persons will not come back. It seemed that I was a person fighting alone. I know what God had told me, which has just recently come to light through the Christian Media and secular media. I saw with my own eyes the New Age teachings and techniques that were being used in the Lakeland Revival (Part 1). Compromise or destruction was my choice according to Satan. But I had another. I could be like the three Hebrew Children who had enough discernment to stand regardless of the cost. I had a choice not to bow down to Baal.
Through the information that has come to light within a month, God has begun to wipe away the cloudiness within the Christian church and we are seeing that we must have real revival, not something that will try to replace it.