Testimony of Healing by God.

I am writing this to tell everyone what the Lord has done for me through brother Ricky Roberts. I have had 13 heart attacks and have a disease that clogs my arteries. I have also sugar diabetes and multiple back problems. I also am obese. Earlier this month I was coming out of a restaurant from lunch when I was hit with an extreme pain in the center of my back. This was accompanied with shortness of breath and I immediately thought, “Lord, is this another heart attack or just a pinched serve”? In any case, I wasn’t going anywhere for a while and I noticed a light in a nutrition shop advertising Christian books for sale. I wanted to buy a certain book but was told by the owner that she only had books written by Ricky Roberts. I asked her who he was and she told me the story of him and his mother and God’s anointing on his life. She also told me that he taught the Bible on Tuesday nights at a place right up the road from there. I believe I heard from the Lord saying, “Be there!” I was there the following Tuesday and met brother Roberts and his wonderful mother. I have been prayed for many times for my conditions, and I believe God has spared me because every time I have a chance I will tell anyone about God’s love and how He gave His only Son for us. Yet, many of my ailment persisted though I improved to the point of going from being a near invalid to being able to get out, drive, and even fish sometimes. I was very intrigued with Dr. Roberts teaching us the Bible in all three versions, the King James, the Hebrew, and the Greek. I did not know that he held a prayer session after the lesson. Dr. Roberts meeting are non-denominational so he tells everyone that there will be a prayer session afterward and that he will pray for anyone’s requests. He explained to everyone what often happens during the prayer that the Holy Ghost often causes people to “fall out,” or become “drunk” in the Spirit while He answers their prayer. I was aware of this before hand, but many people from various denominations might not be. When he came to pray for me, he asked if I ever fell out under the Spirit? I told him, “Yes, many years ago” because it rarely happens to me even though I have been prayed for many times.
He didn’t ask what my prayer was he just touched my outstretched palms and prayed and then I was trying to catch my balance before falling to the floor. Instantly, I felt an icy cold come over me to the point that I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. This had never happened to me before, the few other times I had been slain in the Spirit I would weep uncontrollably, and didn’t have a clue what was going on around me. Tonight though, I was wide awake, listening to every word that was spoken and praying for the peoples’ requests along with Dr. Roberts while he prayed. I realized that my back was hurting severely again, but I tried to ignore it and pray with brother Ricky for a lady’s shoulder that was bothering her. I suddenly felt a “snap” in between my shoulder blades where the pain was, and then it disappeared. I remarked,” The pain in my back just went away!” And several people standing around me replied, “Praise God, ” and I did praise Him. Brother Ricky said as I was laying there that “anyone experiencing healing tonight will have pain for several days because God is performing an operation on you and after an operation there will be pain.” He also gave me a copy of the prayers to bind my healing and loose Satan’s influence from me. For the next several days, my back hurt terribly, but it was not the pain I had experienced before! I prayed and prayed that I was healed and bound my healing. The next Tuesday evening, I told him about the pain and he reassured me that I had been healed and that that was the “pain from God operating on me.” That evening he prayed for my heart and diabetes and my clogged arteries. He told my that he could see my arteries and that one was 70% blocked and one was 40% and another was 30% blocked. He prayed and said that God was healing all that right now. I did not feel any different but I accepted God healing me. That was Tuesday, tonight is Thursday, today I have walked more than I could have in years, I walked all over the grocery store and carried in the groceries, then vacuumed the house, then rearranged the living room furniture, even the cough which two lazy boy recliners build i n. And I am not even tired!!!! Praise God! I thank Him for all His mercy and Grace, and I thank Brother Ricky Roberts for being obedient to God’s commands and going forth to teach and pray for the Sick.
Robert A Paton.