Arthritis Healed

I went to one of your meetings, after hearing all the great miracles and healings from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I live out of town. So on Labor Day weekend I went.  I can't tell you about the blessing I received while I was there. I witnessed my oldest...

My Heart was healed

My heart was healed while being prayed for. My doctor had said I had a bad heart and murmurs. But when I went to him again, he checked me out completely and said that there were no more any problems. Praise God, Sylvia Sebes


LUNG CANCER HEALED. The following is a testimony written by Mr. Mills Drury of his healing from lung cancer at the meetings of Dr. Roberts. I listened to and enjoyed the old time Christian hymns a great deal when I was young, and occasionally when I was older. I came...

Testimony of Healing by God

Testimony of Healing by God. I am writing this to tell everyone what the Lord has done for me through brother Ricky Roberts. I have had 13 heart attacks and have a disease that clogs my arteries. I have also sugar diabetes and multiple back problems. I also am obese....

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