Statement Concerning Todd Bentley by John Kilpatrick


Those that know me know that I love revival, but I also place great emphasis on doctrine and integrity.  In fact, I make decisions of support of people and their ministries based on these two qualities.  That being said, in the very early stages of revival, I went to visit Todd Bentley in Lakeland, FL.  My purpose was to champion revival, and I had great hope that it would be one that would sweep the world.
At that time, I didn’t know much about Todd or his doctrine, but had some concern.  Over the last two months, it has become a major concern to me.  I have some strong doctrinal issues with his extra-biblical views.
Also, our hearts are saddened that Todd has chosen to resist council from credible individuals and has legally separated from his wife.  Our prayers go out to both him and his family.  We know this will bring great hurt to many in the Body of Christ.  That’s just what this type of thing does.  It’s the sheep that usually get hurt the most.
John Kilpatrick