Boy! I have met several types of Christians that all need to be aware of. Beware of those Christians who are in the midst of quitting their fifth or sixth church because a voice is directing them somewhere else. Beware of those Christians who are constantly telling us that a voice is telling them not to work. Beware of those who every time they change their husbands, wives, underwear, or their business plan, it is because a voice whom they say is God’s voice said so.

Beware of the voice if:

It is constantly telling you to say “no” (especially if it involves work for you).
The voice keeps telling you to say”yes” to every request for help.
The voice tells you to go where the money is.
The voice tells you what other people should do and never you.
The voice tells you something different from the last instruction.
The voice assures you that you are always right.
The voice tells you that you are an exception to the rule.
The voice leads you away from the Bible, Jesus Christ as the only means, the power of the Cross, and the power of the blood.