Todd Bentley’s moral failure was publically exposed this week. There is more that has come forth from young women and pastors from his home town and around the world, so more information should be forthcoming, unfortunately. We have tried to be wise in our reporting, as we felt compelled to report because so many questions were being asked and so many were being influenced by wrongful doctrine and untruthful claims. Many leaders have been deceived and so we know the deception was very powerful, even though many of us were wondering how so many had been caught up in it.
Lakeland was not revival, but there were many who made the journey who were touched. The question was, how could that be? Well we know that God inhabits the praises of His people and there were many who came to worship Him in the Lakeland meetings. Many came expecting, and God met them in their expectation of Him. There were claims of the dead raised and other extravagant miracles, and this simply did not happen. Some people were healed and many were touched in the worship. We have seen in the past from Ted Haggard, William Branham, Paula White, etc., that results can happen regardless of the character and lifestyle of those from the platform. Todd’s lifestyle, character, doctrine, methods, etc., often did not line up with the Word of God and that is why there was such a schism in the charismatic church. Those that supported Lakeland and felt touched and those of us that were watching in shock as we seemed to be watching a completely different story.
We have asked leaders to not put a spin on their involvement and to consider acknowledging that they were duped. I have been duped before and will again. I was fortunate that on this occasion, we had information early on of the deception that was going on. We witnessed how this was in fact perpetrated by man, for man’s agendas. We shared this with many of leaders involved, and many would not listen. Instead they warned us to not come against Todd Bentley, his lifestyle, his methods, or his doctrine, because he was God’s choice to mess with our religion. We were called “revival police”, and other names for asking questions. The fact was that they needed revival police, because there was criminal activity going on. Todd should have been arrested for assault when he kicked a sick man to the ground in Jesus name.
I am hoping that those leaders who supported Lakeland and used the same platform for gain would come forth and admit that they either were too concerned with their own agendas to listen to those who warned them of such things, or they simply just missed it. God TV has an enormous responsibility in all this and ignored wisdom from many leaders regarding this. At the time of this writing, many have back pedaled claiming that they did not lay hands on Todd, or endorse him. It would be refreshing if they came out and said, I am so sorry, please forgive us for our blindness in these matters. And also ask Todd for forgiveness in using his platform, rather than having Todd come down from the platform for the ministry and healing that was needed.
If you have talked to the people who have been hurt by this violence and abuse, you would understand the frustration from many of us. When we questioned staff members, and former staff members about Todd, many used the same words to describe him, Pathological Liar”. These lies in the guise of ministry and Todd’s behind the scenes lifestyle made it difficult for his board and others to discern. I have gotten emails wondering if I am happy now that Todd has been caught in an affair, (see message from Todd’s board). We are not happy about this, it has been sickening and impacts us all. I am saddened for him, for his family, for the other woman, and for all of those who have been hurt through this process and Todd’s lifestyle. I pray for repentance, I pray for mercy, I pray for reconciliation and I pray for total exposure so that Todd can finally get the deliverance and healing he needs. This did not happen 3 years ago, and this led to this sad moment.