Recently, much has been mentioned about “fire.”  I have heard people calling down fire upon people and never mention the name Jesus.  I want the Holy Spirit fire, but not strange fire.  I want the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but not His judgments.  Fire may mean wrath, judgment, anointing, and other such things.  We need to be very careful allowing people to pray the fire upon us.  Indeed, we must agree that we want the anointing, the holy fire, of the Holy Spirit, but nothing else.  
I believe that there is coming a heavy price that will have to be paid by the ministers who have opened their churches to the pouring out of strange fire upon their people.   In one instance, I remember watching a video where a minister was crying aloud, “fire,” and a fire did  come, but it was not of God.  Several people became demon possessed and they acted like snakes and even took upon themselves a sexual behavior as they were acting like snakes.