Wonder why some receive and others do not receive?  These are helpful tips when entering the presence of God

REPENT of your sins. WORSHIP the Lord. Keep a humble and reverent attitude.

MANIFESTATIONS of the Power of the Holy Spirit are seen/experienced in the prayer service (Mt 17:6, 28:4, 2 Chron 5:14).  Note that while miracles are instantaneous, other manifestations of the Holy Spirit, like healing and deliverance, are gradual. We encourage you to continue to come for prayer until you are healed and set free.

BIND your healing, miracle or deliverance to yourself daily.

BINDING PRAYER: I bind my healing, my deliverance, my promise, my health, my wealth unto myself.  I will not allow Satan or anyone to take anything from me.  They are mine in the Name of Jesus.

HANDKERCHIEFS – We believe in using handkerchiefs anointed with oil. (Acts 19:11-12) If you choose to purchase one in the bookstore and have it anointed, we suggest you keep it on your person or under your mattress or pillow. Do not wash it. Re-anoint it after 6 months.

“BREAK THE BONDS THAT TIE” daily (and especially after prayer for others). Be careful who lays hands on you in prayer. There can be a negative transference of spirits.


Pray PSALM 91 and the ATTACK PRAYER daily.

PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS regularly over yourself, family etc.

ANOINT yourself and your property regularly with anointing oil. Start inside the house and anoint entrances to your house (door frames top & sides, doorknobs), windows & mirrors. Second, pour oil at the 4 corners of your property.  Anoint your car. (Ex 40:9, Lev 8:12, Mt 6:17, Js 5:14)

Live a HOLY LIFE with obedience to the Lord and do not open demonic doorways.