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My Daughter has a stomach issue we couldn’t get diagnosed. She has to use something frowned upon to calm her stomach. Excessive diarrhea. We flew to a church in Redding CA because we believed she would be healed there. We’ve spent a lot of money. She is only partially healed. She was told to go to this place by the Lord since she was little. We don’t know why she wasn’t healed all of the way.

I’m in a rough marriage. I’ve done some shameful things but care back to the Lord. I get emotionally abused by my husband about this nearly daily. My daughter talks rudely to me. I don’t have many friends. My family has pretty much turned their backs on me because of my witnessing to them. I’m hurting. I pray for the Lord to show me something or to just hear his voice. I miss hearing Him. I keep trying to press in but I just want a pure heart. Completely pure. I need help. I keep praying. Also my son needs prayers and direction. God knows. I can’t explain how much I hurt. It’s hard to keep going but I know I have to. My Husband needs a real walk with God. He’s recovering from alcoholism. I’m so sad. My life feels so empty. I used to witness on Facebook but I realized nobody was getting anything also Facebook is a bad place to be so I’ve gotten off of it. I just want for myself more of the Lord. I need a steady income. My husband needs Jesus. My daughter needs healing desperately. My son likes privacy but he needs prayers too. I’m so, so, sad. I keep getting hurt. Thank you for any prayers. I know this was long.

Received: April 9, 2019

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