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Follow up to my first post: Witch/Warlock took over my family.

Yes at 4:50 am this morning i saw the Warlock serpent spirit in a vision its body was long and black and looked like a tree bark and his eyes blood red. It was trapped (pinned) between what looked like table legs and other objects ( which I believe are answers to the prayers of the intercessors).Praise the Lord. The serpent spirit was using its head to crack the foundation but it was not escaping. It was obvious it was in agony. Bless the LORD. When I woke up I came to the website to see if I was being prayed for and yes more and more intercessors were praying. I also prayed warfare prayer this morning because he will not escape the justice and judgement of God.

I get to spend time with the children every two week so this Saturday I picked them up at the drop off place. I usually get to spend 4-5 hours with them and then return them to the center. with the 3 children between 12:30 pm and 5:15 pm.

This Saturday my 4 year old daugther told me she wanted to use the toilet to releave herself while we were driving back to the center but I told her to hold it. When we arrive at the center I forgot about it, but one of my sons reminded. When I took her to the rest room and put her on the toilet I asked her if any one touched her in her private are and she said yes her brothers but I was not focused on that much but she said the warlock used his finger on her. I was very upset and when I was in the waiting area I asked her againt and she told me the warlock is dirty. I asked her if she told her mother and she said yes. Mommy told him not to. This is very disturbing and troubling to me. I told my sister and she said leave it to the Lord, if I try to report it to the courts they will believe I am a trouble maker since I tried to get a restraining order before and I was denied. Please ask God for wisdom about what my daugther is saying to me. She will be 5 years old in May. I did not speak to my boys about this. Pray for covering for my children. I dont want this warlock to be breaking my children into incess practice I feel very concerned about this. The courts want to see cuts and bruises before they do anything about a matter.

Finally since April 2018 when I was removed from the home I received many visions on theLord about warlock, sexual promiscuity of my wife and the Lord revealed and protected me from many blows. Ihn two visions I saw the warlock in a toilet stall with my daug terand she ran out.

In another vision there was little girl and a hand was moving toward her private area when I looked the hand pulled back.

I know something is going on in that home that is very dark and unclean my wife was possibly molested by this warlock and so she has no control over what is going on.

Please pray that:


-THAT IF THERE IS INCCESS AND SATANIC RITUALS BEING taught to my children that it be exposed in JESUS name. Thay criminal charges be brought against all involved.

Thank you Intercessors. Blessings

Received: February 25, 2019

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