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recently saw your testimony on you tube and it moved me deeply... I praise God for you as I realized that I need your help and prayer.

I would impose upon you to read my storey and ask for prayer if I may.. Thank you sir.

At the age of 13 I gave my life to Jesus but there was nobody to explain what would follow... As a result I was molested by a man on the same day I gavr my life to Jesus.

Needles to say that I did not know how to defend myself in the spirit realm at all.... 19 year when by and I had a near death experience and I realized I could have ended up in hell... This shook me to the core. A college working with me at that time told me I needed Jesus... And left it there... I told him all the churches I attended where dead.. The priests all preached money and sex and I was not interested in going to a church that did not, preach life... I ended up going to the AFM church and I recommitted my life to Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit I began to grow as a child of God.... As time whent on I stumbled a fell. Now I am struggling to stand..

Yes I pray... Not as much as I should.. I don't go to church... I know I must... I do things I should not do.... You see I need prayer and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get up on my feet.... I have not lost my faith in Jesus... I love Him.... And I know I am saddening Him... I weep bitterly over this.... I still feel I am flat on my face.... Please help pray for me as the Spirit leads you...

Kind regards


Received: February 23, 2019

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