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Prayed for 11 times.


I also watched the Sid Roth testimony and I thought Dr Roberts was speaking about me - when he mentioned about a man beign delivered from witchcraft.-

I need your prayer support to stand in the gap with me.In June of 2018 a Warlock/witch took over my family. My wife and her mother is under his control and the children are in the house. I was removed from the house because I was not in agreement to let the in laws move in- Furthermore the step father was disrespectful to me in the past and he felt I couldn't stop him from moving in.

My wife took out a (restraining order) against me (through a team effort with her mother and step father a (warlock) and she invited them to live in the home. My children are very young ages 10, 8 and 4. My daughter is 4 years old and I am very concern for her. I don’t want her to be sexually abused or molested. My children are complaining to me that the Warlock (step father) has been hitting them and shout at them. I filed a restraining order to have the warlock removed, but the court denied my request, but they cant deny God's power. So I ask for your prayer support. The children are afraid of him. He intimidates them and bullies them. It appears the warlock step father has bound my wife because she grew up with him as a child and young woman. so she listen to him only. This step father and his wife and possible my wife all practice witchcraft. They have taken the children away from me and the man is now acting as the head of my family.

I also lost my job during this time. Please pray for a good job.

Please pray that the child support order be removed.

I need a MIRACULOUS BREAK THROUGH that only God can do. I want this to be a very powerful testimony for the Lord.

Thank you Intercessors.

Received: February 23, 2019

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