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My husband & I are in our 60s and married now for nearly 26 years, in a Godly marriage. I always wanted children and waited for over 20 years, including during my 1st marriage of 10 years, to finally have my prayers answered when our miracle boy was conceived and born naturally in 1998. I had been told I could not have children by specialists. After my 1st marriage to a non believer ended in 1987(divorced in 1988-89), I went down on my knees and cried out to the Lord to please find me a man of God to marry... I also prayed that He please give me at least 1 child... Well, my 1st prayer was answered within 1 to 2 months of that prayer and my 2nd husband, a Jewish Believer in Yeshua, & I, were married 6 months later in May of 1993 in his Jewish parents' home. We later attended many Faith building and Bible believing church congregations and prayed diligently for children. We were prayed over as a couple and I was given a prophecy by a great man of God (Jeremiah Ginsberg Ministries) that "I would give birth to a male child for the Glory of God." So about 1 year later, in June of 1998, our beautiful son, whom we named Israel, was born. I was 44 and a half years old at the time, and I am 65 years old currently. Prophecies over our miracle son's life include being involved in 'healing all nations'. Anyways, our son is and always will be a great joy to us. He had a happy and fairly uneventful childhood with many family visits to Granma & Granpa's Jewish home. He also had visits from his maternal grandfather (my dad) who sadly lost his wife, my mom, to cancer when she was 66 (he was only 60 years old) and returned to his homeland (France) after her death in 1989. My dad has been living with his new wife/partner since about 1990-1991 and they have visited us every 1 to 3 years on average since, including a visit when our son was only 10 days old, but because of health reasons can no longer come back to visit us in America. The years have passed and, during his adolescence, our son (who had been diagnosed with ADHD at age 11) went through a period of extreme rebellion in which he experimented with drugs, hung out with the wrong crowds, often went missing, not coming home at night, having some minor run-ins with the law, being disrespectful towards us, his parents, etc etc... Well, in November of 2015 (he was 17 yrs old) the police came to our door in response to a call by our son, who, it turned out, had gone into acute psychosis and strongly felt that a friend of his was in danger of being burnt to death because his friend's house was being burned by witches, hence his frantic call to the police. When they arrived, they noticed that he was in a state of 'chemical imbalance' and immediately whisked him off to the psych ward where he stayed about 2 months before being transferred into an adolescent mental health residential center. He finally was put on one of the best medications/antipsychotics regimen for his condition, diagnosed officially as Schizophrenia (with a very reduced IQ due to psychosis...). After 1 year of treatment, he was again transferred to a psychiatric hospital where he stayed for another year (under the Mental Health Act). We the parents, visited him as often as we could and he was given weekend passes to stay home every so often. We also fought the system to release him into our hands, as he desperately wanted to return home to stay but he was not allowed. In January of 2018(approx), our efforts paid off and he was finally released back into the community under the sponshership/umbrella of a mental health agency, in a foster home, in order to begin a more independent life (at age 19). That did not work out very well as he was not quite ready to be independent and he also went back to his former habit of smoking cannabis frequently in order to soothe his aches & pains, a bad side effect of the meds. Finally, after much prayer, our son is now currently living at home with us, his main caregivers. Fortunately, my husband has a strong employment background in the health care field while I have a strong academic background having carried out research in the neurosciences many eons ago... Our son has attended many congregations with us where there have been prayers for healing & deliverance over our son. After all the pain & suffering we have all gone through during these last few years (starting when our son turned 14 or so), and after the 3 years of psychiatric treatment, we finally see a tiny light in this long dark tunnel... The good part is that the relationship with our son is now loving & strong. He is a joy and a gem wherever he goes. He is a very social person and has the gift of music as he plays guitar & sings, busking in the Spring, Summer or Fall when he can. So, the Lord is Good! Our prayer now is the following: that our now 20 year old, beautiful son, receive a total supernatural healing & recovery within the next few months or years, if it be God's will. Thank you for your prayers on our family's behalf and may God bless you richly as you pray for us!

PS. Can you also pray for my husband and me both, also for my ailing dad's health (he is 91) & especially for his salvation & that of his large (10 brothers & sisters) family & that of his partner & family, my cousin Pasc.J. whom I found out was gay when I went to visit my dad & relatives in France last November... Again, thank you and may your Ministry be greatly blessed!!

Received: February 17, 2019

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