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I have been sick as a result of an emotional breakdown. 18 years ago I went thru a most horrific divorce, attempted suicide and developed fibromyalgia with severe Diarrhea dominant IBS . I also gave half a million dollars from my divorce money to a man to invest and to date have not gotten it back. Been 18 years.

I raised a godly daughter by myself who’s now 21. Now I’m the sole care taker of my 89 yr old mom and have three unsaved brothers who mock and deride me all the time.

Now I’ve gotten the flu for over two weeks and it seems like it’s come back w a vengeance after two weeks. I’ve lost weight, hair and health due to my IBS and lord knows whatever else. I’m very frail and thin. I Can’t sleep well at night because I have to getup several times to take my mother to the bathroom. My brothers judge me and one of them keeps telling me that I need to cut off w my Christian friends and get a life. He’s very haughty and talks down to me because he helps me financially. He’s a surgeon and the little money that he give me gives him the right to talk down to me. He yells at me and accuses me of being disgraceful and unChrist like only because I said if I end up in the hospital I won’t be able to take care of my mom. He doesn’t want to put my mom in a nursing home because it will cost a lot more than what he’s giving me. The insults and persecution is immense. I’m the only saved person in this family. We were Muslims from Iran. Good news is I got my mom saved

I need prayer for healing and restoration and my entire family saved. I want to serve my Lord with honor and in health so my family will see His hand in my life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this prayer,

May the Lord bless you richly

Received: February 16, 2019

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