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Tamara Shepherd

Dear Ricky,

I know you are a very busy man, but if the Lord will get this to you, please feel free to call, write, text or pray. Believe it or not, I just saw your video with Sid Roth from the archives from all those years ago, saw you lived in FL. I live south of you in Boca Raton, a Virginia transplant. It wasn't until I moved to Florida in 2013 that the Lord began to reveal bits of the demonic realm and demons themselves in others and on my surroundings. As my walk with the Lord began to deepen, so did heavy attacks from the ememy. I have so many arrows in me, lethal ones Ricky, and as much as I am trying to take dominion over them, I still believe I need help, quickly or I may not be around much longer. My eyes need healing, cancer is trying to take over, gall bladder not working, liver, kidneys most likely affected. I live paycheck to paycheck, just pay rent, eat and just enough to get by--no medical and no money saved in the bank. Please pray for the Lord to help me take dominion over the enemy, or place someone in my path with power in the gifting of healing to help me.

Please, I am in my 50's-not super-old yet, one daughter. Wish I knew what God's plan was for my life-to live or go be with the Lord?

Thank you for listening,

Tamara Shepherd


Received: February 16, 2019

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