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Ruth eileen Whitney

Good morning, I am newly relocated here to Jacksonville Florida from Williamsport PA. My 17 year old daughter and I moved here to start a fresh life for ourselves. Upon arriving here we secured a home, a job and I am currently a college student with 18 weeks left until graduation to build a better career for myself as a single mother. Shortly after arriving (Sep 20th) I had an accident where my blood pressure fell to 84/71, this caused me to pass out and faint. When I fell I snapped my fibula in my right ankle 3 inches above my ankle. This caused us to spiral into a downfall chain reaction. I was in ICU and bedrest for 8 weeks, I had to be bathed, dressed and assisted by my daughter in order to continue with daily living skills. I even had to learn to walk all over again. In those 8 weeks (Oct 25th) we ended up losing our home, both my jobs of course, and all of our belongings. We requested financial assistance from every organization here in Jacksonville just to get turned down. We used up my entire savings account staying from hotel to hotel so I could provide a roof over my daughters head. I even got 2 jobs on 2 different occasions, I disclosed in both interviews before being hired I had a previous injury to my ankle. They hired me and allowed me to start work. Both had similar outcomes and within my first week they left me go, stating my ankle was a liability and me limping was not professional. We are currently out of funds, out of food and sleeping in my car. We used what little bit of gas we had to come to the library here on Beach Blvd to get out of the cold and be able to reach out to some more places. I am not asking for money or financial assistance. I am reaching out and asking for prayers, we have no family or friends down here and we are completely alone. I believe in the power of prayer and believe God has a plan for us. Thank you for your time and reading our story. God bless you.

Ruth and Katie

Received: December 12, 2019

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