While I believe in the Prophetic Gifts and all other such manifestations of the Holy Spirit, I cannot accept all things that are on going in the Pentecostal and Charismatic circles.  I cannot accept the mixture of Christianity and New Age.  I cannot accept the New Age techniques being used by Christian leaders and Christian teachers.
Within these circles it seems as though babes are leading babes.  Many of these modern day manifestations that are flowing out of these circles are not genuine.  They are the result of fanaticism and hysteria wrought in the midst of psychological release or, even worse, the work of Satan.  But thank God, the Holy Spirit still works. So there are genuine workings of God. 
Many of us are seeking this and seeking that instead of seeking the Lord.  Every time a word is spoken of a revival, we think that the revival is of God without praying and checking it out.  I do believe that a new revival is coming, but it is not here.  We are receiving many counterfeit movements.  Thank God that there are some movements that are of God, but these are not that of which have been spoken of for the last thirty years.
I have witnessed several movements in the last thirty years.  Some have done great good and have truly come from God.  Others have not come from God, but have come to mislead the community of the saints.