Source:  Charisma Forum. 

Some on this forum it seems, have tasted some of the Lakeland Kool-Aid and that is okay, So have many of my friends and family in Christ. Roy Fields is probably the most anointed person of the Lakeland troop. The source is a good one and has heard from Roy on more than one occasion. If Roy contacts me directly, I reveal the source to him. I just want people to know that many even still there in Lakeland have had severe problems with Bentley. They will have to answer to God for their involvement and obedience or lack thereof in it. IF I was able to divulge all that I know, you would understand why I have taken a stance.
To divulge more would not help anyone and I already should not have listed Rodney’s name and am learning how media can spread. I am thankful this has been helpful, but I did not expect this and would not have mentioned Rodney’s name if I did. He has grown incredibly from the days when he was a target so many years ago. I am proud of him, even though we may not have the same worldview on all things. He is seeing the same as we are on the Lakeland issues and probably more so because he is there everyday in that region helping those who have been hurt by it, or at least confused about it.
I understand why he does not go public. It would be a distraction fro him, and it would not hinder or slow down Bentley. And the media would go crazy calling Rodney jealous. I guarantee that Bentley and the extreme junk out there is not provoking Rodney to envy. He feels like weeping at what he is witnessing and in fact has wept. He could be on the platform but would never set foot on there at any price, unless he was invited to gracefully shut it down as a senior leader of the region. Hope that helps. in all of this, we must remain loving and not getting cynical. Francis Frangipane who is a good friend reminded me recently that God never get nearly as upset as we do, and he is right. Lakeland did not catch Him by surprise, and He will accomplish what He wills through it all. Sassy Granny you are correct.. God will use this as this is way beyond Lakeland and this stuff has been brewing for years only to explode in the form of Bentley whom is a brother in Christ filled with deception and hurt. So pray for him and others.