Examples of Impact

Example 1

Nephew, 19 years old, tanker, deployed to Iraq, less than 3 months

Thursday Morning Phone Call (17-Jan-2008)

  • Hit IED – explosion so massive, ejected him from tank
  • Hit head on lid, causing traumatic head trauma, unsure extent of brain damage.
  • Every bone in both legs and feet were completely shattered
  • Broken back w/multiple spinal column/cord fractures
  • Ruptured Spleen
  • Placed in medically induced coma
  • Listed in severe/critical condition with life threatening injuries

Thursday Evening/Late Night

  • Went to Ricky’s service originally for prayer for my son
  • Son requested prayer for cousin (nephew) instead…said cousin needed it more
  • It appears, within minutes of prayer over son for nephew, doctors started pulling him out of the coma (to assess brain damage)
  • Approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours after prayer phone call from doctors to wife
  • No apparent brain damage, nephew spoke to wife and seemed himself (upset about iPod getting blown up…LOL)
  • Was to be placed back in coma and transported immediately after call to Germany

Early Friday Morning

  • Blood detected in abdomen, kept off plane for another assessment
  • Bleeding from spleen, doctors felt safe to fly and have surgery in Germany
  • Found after rerunning and performing additional tests EVERY BROKEN BONE in his body WAS WHOLE AGAINOnly injury was hyper-extended knee!

Once in Germany

  • Headed for pre-op testing for spleen (MRI, etc.) and other internal injuries
  • Doctors spoke with nephew’s mother and stated the following:
    • Found minor injury/trauma to the 9-12 vertebrae, no fractures
    • Performed MRI, repeated it and other tests
    • Quote from Doctor “There is NO medical explanation, we have tested and retested, but it appears that your son’s SPLEEN is HEALING ITSELF!”
  • Chemical burns on chest, arms and back
  • Suffering severe PTSD (we will continue to pray healing for this)

Arrived at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX on Tuesday morning
(22-Jan-2008) to receive treatment for the burns. 

From Angi Lewis

Example 2

Dear Dr. Ricky,

Thank you very much for your prayer. God had answered your prayers and performed miracles. Last night when Tom told me that the Hospital had called asking us to bring Jeffrey in today, immediately I knew that it must be you and your mother who had prayed, so God reinstated the appointment that I previously cancelled. This is Miracle #1.

Miracle#2—This morning at the hospital, the specialist checked Jeffrey eyes under anesthesia and he did not see the tumor that the other doctor was talking about. So he does not need to do an operation to remove Jeffrey’s eye. Jeffrey got to keep his right eye!! Thank you, Jesus, Halleluiah!!

Please continue to miracles for Jeffrey:

Thank you very much again. Please send my best regards to your mother. We love her.

Example 3

I’ve been attending True Light Ministries for almost two years now, and in that time God has recreated me and my family. Though the Lord has worked many miracles and deliverances in our family over these few short months, the greater miracle I cannot deny is the true conversion of my soul. I have considered myself a Christian my whole life…raised in the church by God-fearing parents. And yet, I didn’t know Jesus. In all that time of attending church and “doing” my religion, I never gained a full understanding of who Christ is, much less developed an interactive and meaningful relationship with my God.

Seemingly endless factors played a part in my spiritual failure (including a healthy portion of rebellion on my part) and yet I thought I was fine and right with God. I turned a blind eye to how closely my life resembled the lives of the blatantly unsaved around me. God in His mercy pulled me up out of the pit I truly was in and He helped me see that my commitment to my relationship with Christ resembled a twig house built on sand. I realize now that I was, to use Patrick Morley’s words, a “Cultural Christian.” I mixed cultural norms into my faith and thought nothing of it. The problem is, a little leaven leavens the whole loaf, and the worldly standards I accepted in my lifestyle contaminated my faith and weakened it to the point that I was powerless to fight against a major attack from Satan. The Bible teaches us that sin weakens the hedge of protection God places around us: “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him” (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

And powerless is exactly how I found myself when I darkened the door of TLM for the first time (though I had visited the church a few years prior). It was a Sunday morning and I was at death’s door (as many people seem to be when they come to True Light for the first time), fresh out of the ER from the Friday night before. Satan had attacked my heart, and I almost died. But God is merciful and He used my weakened physical state to strengthen my spiritual man.

Through the teachings and leadership at TLM the Holy Spirit began rebuilding my foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ—and I have watched in awe as I have truly changed from the inside out. It’s been an interesting start to a journey that I pray will never end. Miraculously, I didn’t try to change, and yet it happened. He changed me—God’s precious Spirit. The worldly things that never used to bother me grieve my spirit today. I can see now where all the “Church” rules come from that, in my youth, seemed (to me) to stifle people and make them feel unaccepted in the church unless they “cleaned up” their lifestyle. These “rules” must come from people who totally surrendered to God and were transformed by His Spirit and then they turned around and tried to force their heart-changes onto others who had not yet experienced the same process of sanctification. We can do nothing to set ourselves free…it is Christ’s Spirit working in us that sets us free!

When I fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit and asked Him to transform me into the image of Jesus, He began stripping away my desire for and acceptance of things that I didn’t realize were separating me from a deeper walk with God—things that, in His eyes, blended me in with the rest of the world. Before I knew what hit me I found I couldn’t wear half of my old wardrobe to church; the thought of standing at the altar and pouring my heart out to the Lord in some of my outfits made me shudder. Of course God would accept me “as is”…but He was changing me and teaching me what pleases Him—and some of my old “norms” had to go. This is just one small example pulled from a mountain of proofs. The beautiful part is that the change I experienced was effortless; meaning it didn’t come from me. I’m the kind of person that if you tell me not to wear something or not to indulge in something, I’ll do it just to irk you and make sure you know you don’t control me. So this change was coming from somewhere else—and it amazed me! What happened? I still am awed by the influence of the Spirit in my life now. I tested it out with an old movie that I used to love to watch. It’s a harmless comedy—centered on drug addiction (nice, right?)—and it always made me laugh. I put the movie on a while back and after about twenty minutes I couldn’t watch it. I was uncomfortable; it wasn’t funny this time around; and I literally felt sick to my stomach. I had to shut it off. Physically sick? I can’t fake that. It was the convicting power of the Holy Spirit reminding me to be careful what I set before my eyes.

Since I made TLM my home church and have followed the teachings there, I have proof in myself that the Lord is working in my life. This has not been a painless process—Satan has instigated full-on attacks against me and my family and we have suffered physically and emotionally. I have also silently watched as many of my friends and family have pulled away from me into the shadows and background of my life. They see the changes in me now too, and many of them, I believe, are not sure what to think—so they stay away. I think of how David must have felt when he wrote these words: “Because of all my enemies, I am the utter contempt of my neighbors; I am a dread to my friends—those who see me on the street flee from me. I am forgotten by them as though I were dead; I have become like broken pottery” (Psalm 31:11–12).

To be abandoned by loved ones and friends is considered disastrous by most people’s standards, but for me it is all the more reason to rejoice! It is proof that I have changed. It is proof that God’s anointing is upon my life and that He’s using me to influence others for His glory. I have His peace. I have the contentment of knowing for certain that I am running the race and I’m contending for the prize—no longer am I sitting on the sidelines while the battle rages on. I have stepped into the fight; I’ve accepted the call to be a part of the “chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9). By doing so I’ve been awakened to the reality of spiritual warfare and the fury of Satan, our accuser, toward God’s saints. When we are willing to surrender to the Lord and become a slave of Jesus Christ, Satan zeroes in on us and focuses his efforts on destroying us. The Bible tells us to “be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). He’s not seeking after his own—he already has them under his thumb. This verse is referring specifically to the blood-bought saints—the Christ-centered warriors who are sacrificing life in this world to bring glory to Jesus Christ. I pray now that the Lord keeps me under the shadow of His wings that He keeps me from the fowler’s snare. Father God, let me never again fall back into Cultural Christianity. Keep me set apart; a drastic and offensive contrast to this wicked world—ever moving forward on the path toward Your marvelous light.

Other miracles in my family resulting from prayer at True Light Ministries:

  1. I was scheduled for heart surgery and one week before the procedure was to take place my insurance refused to pay for the surgery. My husband and I took a step of faith and went forward with the procedure (after months of prayer, we knew this procedure was God’s will). Though we were risking being hit with $100K worth of medical bills we decided to trust God to defeat Satan’s attack against us. During my surgery my husband was called down to the hospital’s offices to pay a $20K down payment on my surgery. He talked them down to $10K, swallowed hard, and wrote the check. The very next morning, while I was recovering in the hospital bed, the insurance company called and said they put my case through another director and the procedure was approved for full coverage. Over the next six months the Lord led us through battling for this coverage—Satan was still trying to steal our miracle. I prayed daily for six months for our $10K check to be returned as well. God is faithful and one Saturday morning, out of the blue, I opened yet another “medical” envelope and found my refunded check! As of today, all medical bills related to this surgery have been paid in full. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world!
  2. A loved one was totally delivered from alcoholism and has kept it. The smell of alcohol makes this person sick. They say it smells like rotting flesh to them now. This is someone who drank every day—all day. God mercifully delivered them during a Thursday night prayer session at TLM. By Friday morning they were clean and sober without having to go through withdrawal symptoms or any sickness. They haven’t even had to struggle with temptation. The Lord completely erased all desire for alcohol from their mind, will, emotions, and physical system.
  3. My cousin’s newborn baby was suffering from lung problems and was totally healed. The child was in intensive care in a hospital in Texas. We prayed on a Thursday night for the child and the baby was home and doing well a few days later.
  4. My 2-year-old son was suffering from 104-degree fever for four days. The fever would not break, even with medicine. The doctors offered no solution other than Motrin and Tylenol. We brought him for prayer on a Thursday night and around 1am Friday morning I heard him screaming in his room because he was drenched with sweat—the fever had finally broken. He was perfectly well by morning.
  5. My four-year-old son was suffering from violent nightmares that would hit every night at 10pm. After consistent prayer in the TLM prayer line and having him sleep with anointed handkerchiefs the nightmares have disappeared.
  6. My husband suffered from unexplained abdominal pain for over ten years. He went to every specialist imaginable—even spent time at Mayo Clinic for testing—and no one could figure out what was causing the pain. Dot and Ricky Roberts prayed for him throughout these long years and today he is completely set free from the debilitating pain.
  7. My husband also had a rare condition where his jaw bone was growing up through the gums, causing excruciating pain. Sharp bits of bone would break through the gums and crack off in bits and pieces. The dentist said there is nothing he could do—just live with it. My husband went for prayer on a Thursday night and the condition ceased. No more bone fragments—no more pain. Praise God!
  8. My husband was suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Doctors said there is no cure and that he would just have to get used to the ringing. There are reports of people actually going insane from this condition. He came to TLM for prayer on a Thursday night and the ringing completely stopped. No problems since.
  9. I had a painful lump in my left breast—came for prayer at TLM and then went for a mammogram. No lump could be found.
  10. My father-in-law was suffering from a back injury. He came for prayer at TLM on a Sunday morning and the back pain was completely gone by the next morning. He had been to the doctor and gone through physical therapy—nothing was helping the pain. God delivered him through His great mercy!
  11. When we first began attending TLM my small children were afraid of the prayer services. They didn’t know how to handle all they were feeling as the presence of the Holy Spirit would flood the sanctuary. I prayed diligently that God would calm their fears and that they would someday be comfortable enough to come down for prayer. The Bible says that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10). Today all three of my children are at peace in TLM’s sanctuary and they look forward to Pastor Ricky praying for them. I remember one Thursday night I was blown away as my daughter sat on the second row, coloring a little picture, while a demon was being cast out of woman five feet in front of her. My daughter was in total peace; she didn’t even look up. God has transformed my babies over the past two years. Discipline problems have lessened and honest discussions about Jesus and our faith abound on a daily basis in our home. My children are hungry for more of the Lord. They have some spiritual wisdom that I didn’t acquire until I was an adult. They pray in the name of Jesus and trust God for the things they need. When a prayer doesn’t get answered, they respond, “Well, it must not have been God’s will. We need to make sure we pray God’s will next time!” They have a love for Jesus that inspires me to cling more and more to our Father in heaven. I know that He is keeping all of us under the shadow of His wings.


Example 4

At 18 months old Nathaniel starting having bouts of severe nausea and vomiting that appeared to come in cycles every 60 days and would last 2  days. At his 2 year check-up the doctor suspected that he had Cyclic  Vomiting Syndrome. This is a rare illness characterized by bouts of severe  nausea and vomiting that comes in cycles. It is also known as abdominal  migraines. The confirmation of this illness is one of exclusion. They had to  rule out every other possible illness first. This involved him going through  15 different diagnostic tests. Some people have various triggers, but for  Nathaniel it was a matter of days, we could mark our calendar for when the  next episode would hit. When the episode would happen it would occur during  his deepest sleep and he would wake up screaming in pain. Over the years the  different neurologist tried many different preventative medications. We also  went through many different medications to try to help him through the  episode, including some used to help chemotherapy patients, but none of them  worked. The doctors finally allowed us to put him on Valium, as it was the only drug that would relieve his suffering. There were many visits to the ER  for dehydration due to vomiting as much as 18 times in one night. Over the  years he had also suffered from dizzy spells and head migraines in between  episodes which caused the doctors to put him on a daily medication. As of  July of this year the episodes were running around every 85 days and lasting  1 day. A week after the episode on July 15th we visited True Light Ministries. Dr. Roberts prayed for Nathaniel, breaking generational curses.  He also identified and prayed against a specific demon that was oppressing him. Since then Nathaniel has not had any symptoms at all. In September,  after seeing his neurologist we were able to take him completely off his  daily medications. It has now been 120 days since the last episode. He has  never gone this long. To God is the glory!!! We have taken Nathaniel to be  prayed for many times by many different pastors. Until Dr. Roberts prayed  for him, no one had ever prayed for Nathaniel to be delivered from demonic  oppression. Words cannot express our thanks to God for this miracle. It is
wonderful to know that Nathaniel can sleep peacefully without the constant threat of this illness. We praise God for the way He is working in Dr. Roberts and the ministry at True Light.

Example 5

Dear Ricky:
I want to thank you for the wonderful gift you are to the body of Christ. A year and a half ago I was told that I had calcium deposits in my left breast. The doctor recommended that I have surgery to remove them and that a biopsy was going to be made. Of course a woman hears this and panic sets in.
I was fortunate enough to ask you for prayer. You did just that and informed me that these calcium deposits could turn into cancer but GOD had healed me as you were praying. The next day I had surgery. All the calcium deposits were removed and a biopsy was expected. The surgeon felt that everything looked clear but the biopsy would confirm that. After a week the results came in. No cancer was found in those calcium deposits, GLORY TO OUR GOD. The surgeon, however, mentioned that the report indicated that my breasts were prone for cancer. I immediately called you to let you know that MY GOD HEALED ME BEFORE I WENT INTO SURGERY.
I live with a grateful and thankful heart to the Lord for His blessings in my life.
Again, thank you for your obedience to the Lord and for praying for me.
In His Love,