LUNG CANCER HEALED. The following is a testimony written by Mr. Mills Drury of his healing from lung cancer at the meetings of Dr. Roberts. I listened to and enjoyed the old time Christian hymns a great deal when I was young, and occasionally when I was older. I came to memorize many of them by repetition. I knew the words but I did not have ears to hear them. My father’s favorite was “Power in the Blood.” It was the only one he sang that I have recorded on video. He really belted out two words–Power and the Blood. I now feel that power because Jesus Christ gave His blood for me. That feeling is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within me. I have come to know more about the Holy Spirit through my association with True Light Ministries and through the sharing of Dr. Ricky Roberts and his mother Ms. Dot.  It had been attending twice a month meetings with Dr. Roberts for about a year and had learned a great deal through his Bible study and had witnessed many signs and wonders only possible through the Holy Spirit.  My greatest experience was in early February 2001. A lung specialist in Tifton called and asked my wife and I to meet with him. Although my earlier lung test had been okay, I knew something was wrong when he asked for my wife to accompany me. The doctor’s demeanor and that of his staff confirmed my fears. He said there was a great probability that I had lung cancer. He had made me an immediate appointment to go to Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee. I put it off and quickly sought out all the saints I knew that stood good with the Lord, my Savior.  In the regular meeting with Dr. Roberts, he prayed for me placing his hand on my chest. Other Christians placed their hands on me and prayed. Heat, concentrated and heavy, went through my chest from the Lord through Dr. Roberts’ hand. It was felt by others praying for me. I left the meeting at peace.  When I arrived at the hospital in Tallahassee, the chief of surgery met with me and did not cushion what he thought I had ahead of me. My x-rays in Tifton had indicated a probable tumor and some inflamed lymph nodes. I asked him my changed of survival and he said about 50/50.  Though I had been at peace, with his words fear began to spring up. Our Lord is merciful. The hospital first sent me to the x-ray department to have more x-rays made and there I met an extraordinary woman of God who told me that God had spoken to her. She told me that I had had cancer, but I was healed. She said I would be operated on but they would not find any malignancy. She said I was to give the Lord all the praise and glory or it would come back on me.  That was one of the most special moments of my life, being prayed for and filled with the Holy Ghost in the middle of one of the busiest hospitals anywhere.  The doctors operated and examined what appeared to be a tumor and inflamed lymph nodes, taking out 1/2 of my left lung. I was told by the doctors after the surgery that no cancer cells were to be found, and that the tumor consisted of “dead” material. I was placed in an isolation war for 4 days but after numerous tests and observation, I was told that they could not identify the tumor.  I asked the chief of staff at the hospital if he would like to know what had happened. He answered “Yes.” I told him about what had happened to me and about the Power and Love of Jesus. He released me and allowed me to return home to Douglas, Ga. Thank you my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Mr. Mills Drury