From: Karl Strader []
Sent: August 7, 2008 11:36 AM
Subject: report
It’s most unfortunate that you have not been able to be here in Lakeland, or at least checked with your brethren here in Lakeland, before you made your analysis of the Lakeland “Outpouring”.  One of my parishioners handed me a copy of your August “Report”. 
Could I give you my testimony?
First of all, I am an Assembly of God minister, 79 years old.  Even though I’m in my retirement years, I have my own Web Site,  (Last month, we received more than 50,000 hits from all over the world.)  I also am on TV, all over South America, and North America, as well as the Russian Satellite which means I am still preaching to well over 100,000 people each Sunday morning, counting the recordings I’m sending out.  I’ve written a number of books, and have been in the ministry since 1951.  I gave my heart to God as a Methodist when I was eight years old.  I went to school at an Ultra-Fundamentalist University with mostly Bible Presbyterians as my teachers and my fellow students mostly Bible-believing Baptists, earning a B.A. degree in Radio Speech, and my B.D. degree in their seminary.  In 1954 I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Since then I have pastored in Indiana as well as here in Lakeland for a 40 year stretch with the Carpenter’s Home Church, which is affliated with the Assemblies of God.  A couple of years ago, I retired as Senior Pastor, sold our 10,000 seat building and made two churches out of it, one in Auburndale, pastored by my son-in-law who has been with me for over 20 years, and one here in Lakeland pastored by my son who worked for me for over 30 years here in Lakeland.  His is the church that sponsored Todd Bentley.  Most significant, is the fact that I made Jesus the Lord of my life at sixteen, and am a strong believer in the Kingdom of God.  

I have been in the Lakeland Revival almost every service for the past 127 days, sometimes at the venue, most of the time watching on my computer or on TV.  What I have seen is all positive!  I’ve heard scores of sermons from Todd and his many associates and interns.  THEY HAVE LIFTED UP JESUS AS LORD AND GOD IN EVERY SERVICE.  (There as been little mention about angels…about the same percentage as is in the Bible.)  I have watched as literally thousands of people off the street, including drug addicts, and many back-slidden believers come to the Lord.  (He baptised in water a couple thousand converts in one night).  I have watched each night the testimonies of  literally thousands of people who have said they were healed, more than any other healing evangelist in my life-time.  About 35 people had their loved ones testify that they were raised from the dead. There have been unusual, notable, remarkable miracles that were evident to anyone who is a true believer.  I’ve watched as Todd cast out devils on the platform.  One of the most amazing things is the young people that have been attracted to these meetings.  Some nights the audience of literally thousands of people would worship non-stop for hours on end.  There has been the most intense worship of God I’ve ever witnessed!  All of the musicians and speakers have expressed their hatred of Satan and all of his demons.
To further let you know of my credentials, I have been a member of Dr. Cho’s Church Growth Board, an Oral Roberts Regent, a member of the Charismatic Concerns Committee, a Trustee of International Charismatic Bible Ministries, and I have served as an official with the A/G fellowship for over 20 years…the other boards mentioned above for 25 years.  (The only reason I have given you my background is because I’m not trying to impress you, but I have to assume you probably have never heard of me.)  I, actually, if the truth were known, feel quite inferior to the rest of my brethren, including you!   It’s obvious from your report that you have great respect for God’s Word. 
Please read Matt. 18:15-17; Mk. 3:28-30; Mk. 9:38-40; Rom. 8:33,34; 1 Tim. 5:19-22, and Gal. 6:1.  Please compare these scriptures to what you have written in your report. 

Frankly, I believe you are a good man and want what God wants!  I’m not attempting to correct anyone at this point.  However, I would like to reach out to you in love.  I challenge you to reconsider what you have written in the light of my testimony and the Word of God.