The prelude to the history of True Light Ministries (TLM) began in 1975 when Ricky Roberts and his parents attended an old camp meeting. It was there that prophetic words coming from God planted the seeds for the ministry that would come forth in 1999. A man of God told Ricky and his parents of all the struggles and heartache they had been through and he told them of a coming Great Awakening in America. He said that God would heal Ricky and prepare him for a ministry that would arise.

In 1977 God set forth one key element of that prophesy as the life of Ricky was totally and instantaneously changed as God healed him miraculously and, instantaneously from severe learning disabilities. He was able to attend and graduate from high school with full knowledge of trigonometry, history, and every other subject he had never studied.

TLM was birthed in 1999 and had a humble beginning in two homes; one in Nassau county, Florida and one in Alma, Georgia. TLM started with extremely limited financial resources but lots of prayer, faith and hope. In the beginning, there were times that no or very little offerings and tithes were received by the ministry. For eight years, Reverend Roberts did not even take a salary, as his desire was to build up TLM. The Lord has taught Reverend Ricky Roberts the path of humility and humiliation and has bit by bit matured him over the years and TLM continues to grow.

With many sermon CDs and several books published, and with such manifestations of the favor of the Holy Spirit upon TLM, we continue to hold fast the completion of what God promised. God will keep His promises.