From the hard knots to common sense.

Within the first few years of the ministry, I went crazy praying for every person that I could find, taking their burdens to the extreme, killing myself, draining myself, and almost going to the point of mental and emotional breakdown.

Then, i had a V8 moment. I begin noticing something in Scripture that caught my attention.

  1. I learned that Paul himself ran from a battle for a time until God moved–very important word– him to go into battle. When the time was right, God moved upon Paul and the battle was won. I am referring to the incident in Acts 16, where the damsel was possessed with the pythonic demon, and the demon kept on running after Paul, harassing him. Finally, God moved upon him and Paul stood against the demon.

Here was my thought process:

If Apostle Paul ran from this battle until God moved upon him to stand his ground and command that evil spirit to be exorcised from the damsel, maybe I need to stop running and becoming involved in battles that God did not want me to get into, or just maybe I needed to wait until God moved upon me to become involved in any battle that He alone commanded me to fight with the authority of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit?

  1. Thereafter, I studied and taught a series on the literal battles in the Bible and what they symbolized. Well, another V8 moment. I learned that not every battle is for me to fight, and finally, I learned that people have their own battles and sometimes I am not allowed or ordered by God to fight for them or with them in these battles.
  2. I noticed what Paul said in 1 Cor. 6:9-15. Paul, being very honest, said that, even in his ministry, some were saved. What does that mean? That most that are heavy in sin will never be saved and delivered from their sins. Why? It is not because the blood is insufficient; it is not because the power of God is impotent. Rather, it rests with the people (or persons) themselves. So, I learned that I must seek after the some who will accept Christ, and not worry about those who will not pay the cost for such a gift as Christ.
  3. Then, again, another V8 moment occurred last year. I remembered the parable of the sower and in particular within that parable about the four grounds. I noticed that the seeds were being broadcast throughout the ground and landing on four types of ground. Out of the four types of ground, the seeds grow very consistent and in a sustained manner in only one type. The other seeds were finally destroyed, or their plants were destroyed. But the seeds that grow on good ground produced greatly. I learned for this to happen, the people must cultivate their lives. So, I learned not to focus on uncultivated land, but land which has been cultivated by prayers, obedience, faith, consecration, dedication, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of Jesus Christ. Some will accept, but others will not. People must have their ground or land (lives) cultivated (prepared) to receive Christ, but they must have that ground cultivated to have their prayers answered and have that ground cultivated to be healed, delivered and finally to have prophetic words to come to pass.