The Holy Spirit is precious.  He is awesome and He is God.  Equating the moving and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit to animal behavior, smoking marijuana, taking heroin and sexual behavior is blasphemy, or it is down right hysteria and fanaticism.  I cannot see how equating the Holy Spirit with the things mentioned cannot be blasphemy also.  The questions that must be asked are, “Are we tempting God?”  and “Are we not only blaspheming, but also are we committing the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?”  
In many revivals, such manifestations have appeared.  Their purpose has always been to destroy real revival and to take our focus off Jesus.  Real revival is birthed into by the fear of God and by prayer, reaps genuine repentance that is confirmed by signs and wonders, is tempered by persecution, and is witnessed also by many genuine conversions.  We are choosing the counterfeit manifestations, and these counterfeits are degrading and lowering the Holy Spirit to a level that will bring judgment upon the church.