On rare occasions, some have criticized the ministry and me personally as being too critical.  I disagree.  I have never been critical in my life.  However, when I see error, I have to address it.  When I see heresy, I must confront it.  When I see error or heresy, I also must preach or teach against it in a way that will deal with the error or heresy alone.  Then, it is not criticism at all, but a correct stance of the Gospel and a spirit of teaching and preaching the Word of God so that people can flee error and heresy.
I do not believe that the ministry is the only one that is of God.  I do not believe that I am only going to heaven.  But I do believe that Jesus Christ is the only means, and that few will make it.  I do believe that we are in the midst of great deception.  I do believe that many of the saints of God are weak, lukewarm, and defenseless.  I do believe that few of the saints of God have any power or authority.  We are being deceived into thinking that we are powerful when we are being torn down piece by piece. 
Martin Luther as a reformer became very unyielding and bold in his stance for Christ.  He wanted the church as she was when she was young and powerful.  The church as it is today is a shadow of her former glory.  I pray that God will correct His church, change His church, and empower her so that she can become a church of authority, anointing, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that of power.