When and how long did God bless the kings of David’s house? As long as they met the conditions laid down here. Even David was dealt with because of sin (2 Samuel 11-18). Solomon his son, the second king of David’s house, was blessed as long as he obeyed; but when he sinned judgment was pronounced upon him and his kingdom (1 Kings 11:1-40). Rehoboam, the third king, had his kingdom divided and ten whole tribes were lost to him in one day because of pride and sin (1 Kings 12:1-24). And so it continued for the next 433 years following David. One king after another sinned and was judged-cut off in many cases-until the whole nation was finally destroyed (2 Kings 23-25). Even when the nation was restored it still continued in sin until it was finally destroyed again, in A.D. 70. It has never recovered from this. God will never bless Israel again with a king until they come to complete repentance (Zech.12:10-13:1; Matthew 23:37-39; Acts 15:13-18; Romans 11:25-29).