The pastors are blind, sick and lost. Many Christian people are demon possessed with Kundalini serpent demons. They have departed from the Christian, Biblical foundations and have received a new faith. It is called mysticism and witchcraft. We have a few casualties that are finding their way to our meetings but many have simply left their churches. When we minster to them and put our hands at the base of their spines, the snake spirit trembles. We cast it out in Jesus’ name and they are immediately set free! Pastors need to get down on their knees and seek Jesus, repent and let Him lead them out of this paranormal binding storm.
Pastors in Florida have called me and told me that they are loosing their people from attending their churches. I’ve heard that pastors in the area of Lakeland (now known as fakeland) were going to have to close their churches because the people are going to the “revival.” I’ve heard many testimonies from pastors that were losing so much money and the people told their pastors that they could no longer come to their churches because, “They had gone beyond them “spiritually.”  and simply stopped attending their churches and dropped all their Christian friends. I personally have lost a close friend of 25 years.
I see this so called revival as leaving a spiritual disaster area that has left churches looking  like gigantic tornadoes sweeping through the churches. We certainly do need rescuers but there are only a few pastors still awake. Personally, I believe this is the great falling away.
Great Christians in the past watched and warned the Christian Church about cults and revealed to them that there is a difference in the Church of Jesus Christ and the cults that are based in unscriptural doctrines. Today, we have a country full of dogs that don’t bark and these pastors and leaders say to the Church, “all pathways lead back to God,” They have watched Jesus be demeaned, replaced by a serpent devil that is worshiped by the Hindus. Jesus is blasphemed by these false “Prophets and Apostles” to a lower position of their demonic angels.