Introducing New Books by Jennifer Odom

Summer on the Black Suwannee 

(Book 1 of the Black Series)

 After her stepfather’s assault, Emily’s well-intentioned mom insists they attend some creepy therapeutic retreat along the banks of the black Suwannee River. Mom boasts how it fell into place, and she didn’t even need to pray about it. But will it cost them their lives?  

The teen is quickly isolated from her mom by counselors. Emily’s irritation turns to horror as she learns the deadly truth about their counselors. If Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light, can’t his servants appear as servants of righteousness? And what about the mysterious child’s clothes, and her strange new illness? What kind of place is this? 

To remain at the Suwannee means death, and Emily must communicate this to Mom. But with counselors watching every move, how can she? The clock is ticking. Can Emily even get them out at all?  

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Stranger With a Black Case

(Book 2 of the Black Series)

Tony Vinetti is minding his own business when a mysterious passenger gets off the train with a black case. When the man parks on the bench with no sign of budging, and studies a list, the teen is curious. But when Tony spies Dad’s name on the list his blood runs cold. Dad’s got lots of enemies. Is this a hit-man? That hang-up caller who’s been threatening Dad? The teen must find out. When days later he spots the stranger talking to the with the stalker who’s been bothering Emily, Tony’s girlfriend, he’s even more concerned. What are these guys up to? Can Tony figure things out and bust up their sinister plot in time to save his dad and his girlfriend? Twists and turns never cease in Gaskille–a town suspiciously like Ocala, Florida.

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The books written by Jennnifer Odom are based upon fictional characters.  The emphais is on the cosmic-earthly rebellion and the cosmic-earthly war that continue even to this day. Her books show: the danger of a cult, occultism, the existence of human sacrifices today, how powerful witchcraft is, how Christians can easily be deceived, how prayer can work against the forces of evil, how God can defeat all cults, all occultism, and all the power of Satan, and lastly, how God can rescue someone from the hands of Satan.

Not everything written in her books may be in agreement with our tenents.  However, overall, these books are worth reading, espeically for tentagers who want to playaround with the occult.