“I have been the worship leader at a certain church for the past three years. The elders of our church pushed Lakeland hard on the flock. I knew it was wrong but stood by and let it happen. Last week I wrote a five page letter to the elders about a few problems I see, but dealing largely with the Lakeland mess. I called for public repentance from the elders AND myself for leading the flock astray. Sunday night i was called into an elders meeting, where I sat for three hours and listened to every explanation in the world of why they weren’t in the wrong. It started becoming apparent to me that if these guys defended the sheep with the same zeal that they defend Todd Bentley, the church would be in great shape. By the end of the meeting, I knew that I could no longer justify having my family under their leadership, and stepped down from my position.
So, I’m another casualty of the Lakeland disaster. The fallout of this thing is gonna be huge. My heart breaks for the families and churches this deception has torn apart. A big THANK YOU to this site for looking out for the sheep, even when the shepherds are not.”