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Please prayer for my son Paul he was in the emergency room Christmas Eve from a overdose. He was dehydrated, has lung infection, bacteria growing in his heart valve. They let him sign himself out. The next day Christmas he went back so he could get antibiotics and something for the withdrawals but the medicine for the withdrawals wasn't strong enough so they let him sign himself out. The doctor said he would have 1yr before the bacteria would completely destroy his heart and kill him I have told my son Paul to call on the Lord for deliverance from drugs and complete healing and a sound mind. My son doesn't realize the devil is lying to him and that the enemy is trying to kill him. My son is scared they said they would have to do surgery on his heart. And he is scared because the pain and diarrhea he gets from withdrawals. I pray the blood of the lamb over Paul. I pray we get him in the hospital and get him some help.

Received: December 27, 2017

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